User Privacy Policy 用户保密协议



    1. 数据使用目的:公司将严格按照您的授权范围以及相关法律法规要求使用其他平台用户的个人数据。我们仅在达成特定合作目的和履行合同义务所必需时使用该数据,并且不超出授权范围。

    2. 数据保密与公开:公司将以最高标准对其他平台用户的个人数据予以保密。除非经过用户明确同意或依据法律法规要求,公司不会向任何第三方公开展示、分享或转让该数据。

    3. 信息安全措施:公司将采取合理、必要且适当的技术和组织措施,以确保其他平台用户个人数据的安全性。我们将防止未经授权访问、使用、披露、篡改或损坏,并定期进行安全风险评估以不断优化信息安全管理体系。

    4. 合同与保密义务:公司将与合作伙伴签订严格的合同,明确规定对其他平台用户个人数据的保密义务。我们将确保所有参与数据处理的员工和合作方均遵守保密约定,不泄露或滥用该数据。

    5. 法律合规:公司将遵守中华人民共和国相关法律法规,包括但不限于个人信息保护法等。如果存在与之相关的监管要求,我们将积极配合,并尽力保护其他平台用户个人数据的安全与隐私。请您放心,杭州航空将严格遵守上述承诺,并履行我们对您所提供其他平台用户个人数据的严格保密义务。如有任何疑问或需要进一步了解,请随时联系我们。感谢您对杭州航空的信任!

    Explanation on Strict Confidentiality of Users' Personal Data by Hangzhou Airlines

    Hangzhou Airlines, as a legal copyright owner and registered virtual airline partner of VATSIM network, will strictly comply with the following privacy policies:
    1. Purpose of Data Use:
    Hangzhou Airlines will use the personal data of other platform users strictly within the authorized scope and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We will only use this data for specific cooperation purposes and to fulfill contractual obligations, without exceeding the authorized scope.
    2. Confidentiality and Disclosure:
    We will treat the personal data of other platform users with utmost confidentiality. Without explicit consent from users or legal requirements, Hangzhou Airlines will not publicly display, share, or transfer this data to any third party.
    3. Information Security Measures:
    We will implement reasonable, necessary, and appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of other platform users' personal data. We will prevent unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or damage to this data. Regular security risk assessments will be conducted to continuously improve our information security management system.
    4. Contractual and Confidential Obligations:
    Hangzhou Airlines will establish strict contractual agreements with partners that clearly define confidentiality obligations for handling other platform users' personal data. We will ensure that all employees and parties involved in data processing comply with these confidentiality commitments without disclosing or misusing the data.
    5. Legal Compliance:
    We are committed to complying with relevant laws and regulations in the People's Republic of China, including but not limited to the Personal Information Protection Law. If there are any regulatory requirements related to this matter, we will actively cooperate while striving to protect the security and privacy of other platform users' personal data.
    Rest assured that Hangzhou Airlines will strictly abide by these commitments and fulfill our rigorous confidentiality obligations regarding the personal data of other platform users provided to us. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your trust in Hangzhou Airlines!