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    All passcodes for the following liveries are the last 4 digits of the regisration number of the aircraft unless other noticed


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    B737-800 标准涂装包 Origin Livery Pack

    Boeing 737-800 by PMDG (For Prepare 3D)


       This livery pack includes seven aircrafts, with regisration B-1231,B-1232,B-1233,B-283J,B-284R,B-295K,B-263H3.



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    B-7777 建党一百周年 Centenary of the Communist Party

    Boeing 777-300ER by PMDG (For Prepare 3D)


       Painted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China special commemorative painting, the body is printed with the party emblem and the 100th anniversary commemorative emblem. The regisration number of this plane is the callsign of one of the founder of Virtual Hangzhou Airlines-HZ7777.


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    A321 标准涂装包 Origin Livery Pack

    Airbus 321 by Flight Sim Labs (For Prepare 3D)




       This livery pack includes five aircrafts, with regisration B-3291,B-3292,B-3293,B-0717,B-1482.

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    Prepar3D 映射包 config. pack (version 1.1)

       目前只适用于Prepar3D 的涂装映射包,支持全部虚拟杭州航空目前所运营的机型。该映射包将持续更新,稍后将推出支持其他平台的映射包。

       This is a CSL configuration package currently only available for Prepar3D. Competible with all current operating fleets in Virtual Hangzhou Airlines. This package will be updated continuously, we will also make aig configurations for other platforms.

    提取码 Passwoord: HAZH